Friday, February 22, 2008

The rains came.....

For months we have been in a drought. Today, the rains came with a vengeance! I go to Bible study on Thursday mornings and when we finished and went to the parking lot, it had started! It got worse as the day wore on and about 4 p.m. my mother in law called to tell me to turn on the t.v. that we were under a tornado warning! Not a watch, no a warning. Indeed, on t.v. the weatherman was telling minute by minute where the area of circulation was located. In 12 minutes it was supposed to be right over us, so I called my husband 's office. He was on the phone so I, in my calmest voice said HAVE HIM CALL ME BACK ASAP! When he did call back, I said there is a tornado coming, what are you going to do? He said in a rather snippy voice, maybe I could do some tax returns. When we hung up, I said to myself well, o.k. then. I guess I will just get my dogs and get into our safe place, which would be a closet. Then I thought better of that idea.....I haven't dusted in a closet since my rod fell...and not this closet. I decided that maybe we were better off just sitting in the middle of my bed. So I gathered up the babies and climbed into bed.

Oh, yea, I was in my pajamas. I had not been in my pj's all day....but when I decided the weather was bad and I wasn't going out again for the day, I thought well, might as well be comfy. But, hey, if a tornado did come, I didn't want to be in my pajamas for heaven's sake! So I quickly dressed and waited patiently for the tornado. Thankfully, it never came....just lots of thunder, lightning and rain....I'm talking deluge here.

We had a fund raiser to go to at a local restaurant for our local Pregnancy Resource Center, so we braved the elements to go and while there the weather just got worse and worse....the restaurant was leaking, it was just a mess! Getting home was even more fun. Several roads were actually blocked off because of flooding.

Our schools are closed tomorrow....we're talking serious flooding here. I'm praying for all those who may have their homes flooded or have ended up in a ditch because you can't tell where the road ends and the water begins.

Thank you Lord for the rain.....I know we needed it badly, but could it just slow down a little bit now???

Oh, and yes, that weather radio was going off every five minutes! What a life saver!

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