Saturday, February 2, 2008

Happy Birthday!

The plans were well laid,

Preparations were made,

He was really surprised

At the party devised.

O.K. bad poetry, but fun party! Uncle Hugh will be 90 on Tuesday. So we had a family surprise birthday party today.

He has had a long and interesting life which could fill the pages of a book....I'll just give you a little glimpse! He came to live with his aunt and uncle and two cousins (one being my mother in law) as a young boy. He was raised by my mother in law's parents and as a son.

He was at Pearl Harbor when we were attacked, even though he doesn't talk much about it...he also served in Korea. He met and fell in love with a Korean girl, but they lost touch when he returned to the states, communication wasn't what it is today. He lived with Grandma and Pappy and continued living with Grandma after Pappy died, until her death at age 107. He now lives alone and takes care of himself, drives, takes NO medicine and does quite well! He does come to our house if a hurricane is coming, but that's just because he lives on the water.

He writes poetry (not like mine) and plays sudoku and chess...for years he and grandma and some friends played dominoes daily. He can beat anyone at any game. At night before he goes to sleep, he names all 67 counties in Florida, all the states and their capitals, all the provinces in Canada(sorry if that's not what they're called, Leslie you can correct me), and all of my mother in law's blood relatives. We're not sure if it's to keep his mind sharp or just a bad case of OCD! But sharp his mind is! He does all kinds of math equations and comes up with stuff most people wouldn't even think of :)!

He also doesn't eat like most people eat. He makes concoctions like sardines and ice cream (no I'm not kidding), and he will seldom eat with anyone else and NEVER at a restaurant. But today, he ate pizza and cake with ice cream! Shocking!

Here he is coming in and he was really surprised....note his hat.

Here he is with my mother in law.

He's a huge blessing to all of us in this family. We love him and wish him lots of birthdays to come!

He did promise to come to my 90th!


He Knows My Name said...

he certainly is part of to use tom brokaw's phrase the "greatest generation". they don't make them like that anymore. what a gem. i'll never be that sharp or as interesting as that. just gotta love em quirks and all!!!! great post gave me such a boost. ~janel

Dawn said...

He sounds like a really special man! Love the hat!!

nancygrayce said...

I'll never be that sharp either!! He's a special man. I have loved having him as my uncle. I married into a great family!

leslie said...

Yes, Nancy, they're called provinces - and there are territories up north. Does he know there are 3 territories now? Even Canadians have a hard time remembering that! I'm so glad he enjoyed the party, and was able to eat the pizza etc. Now I like sardines on toast but don't think I'd care for them with ice cream. Hey! Is he looking for a wife? I'm available! lol ;D

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