Sunday, February 24, 2008

The patriot in me!

This is kind of a where's a weird kind of way. Russell and I are greeters at church one Sunday a the assistant pastor's wife was talking to me and saying something about our name tags, when suddenly she said "when did you vote?" I thought strange, but said, "a long time ago." She in turn stated that I must be really proud of voting.

I still had my I Voted sticker on my jacket! If you look closely kind of near my name tag, you 'll see my sticker. I just proudly replied, "I want everyone to know I voted!" She knew the truth.....I totally forgot I had that on! Actually, you can see it much better in the picture than in real life!
Oh, but that was only the beginning of my day! We had a wonderful church service, with a great sermon and music....then Russell and I went to eat with my mama at the retirement center. I had to laugh at mama....she knew we were coming, so she was dressed with makeup on and you would never know she had an ache in this world! She loves Russell and was on her best behavior!
After lunch we took her for a ride, then Russell went one way and mama and I went another, to see my aunt at the nursing home. We both left there very depressed. I'm going to say something here that I know is wrong and I don't really believe in....I know God is leaving her here for a reason, but I almost start to believe in euthanasia when I visit her. I know that is comments on that please. It is just that it is such a pitiful of her eyes is so infected and she recently had fallen and was hurting so badly. She's 92 and is a precious saint......I guess I just want her to be with Jesus! In the back of my grandmother's Bible she had written "There is a reason for our sickness known only to God." I know that is true.
Anyway, after that awful experience, we were on the way back to mama's when I suddenly remembered I was supposed to let my friends dogs out! So we rushed over and I told mama I would just be a minute. I opened her door and the alarm started the warning signal....I punched in what I believed to be the code and it said denied! I tried another number......denied. Then the actual alarm started going off. Ear piercing! I let the dogs out the back so they wouldn't go crazy, answered the phone and told the alarm company the situation......she hesitated and then asked if I knew the password. PASSWORD! Of course, I don't know the password, but I tried her mother's maiden name. The nice lady said no, but it is a 5 letter man's name! O. K. I tried her father and her son.....nope! So I said in my very nicest stressed out of my mind voice, "I really am her friend! I promise!" Of course I'm sure all the burglars say that! So she turned off the alarm. I sighed a big sigh of relief and went to the back door to let the dogs back know what happened don't you??? Yes, the alarm was triggered again. I decided that I might as well go peacefully when the police arrived.
Just that moment, my friend and her family walked in....I have never been happier to see anyone! She called and convinced the security company that I didn't have her at gunpoint and that all was fine. I left and took mama home. I got her settled and she said "are all your days like this?" She didn't really, but I'll bet she was going cuckoo, cuckoo!
Hopefully the rest of the day goes smoother!


Cathy said...

Is that a dress and jacket or a blouse and jacket???I really like it........too funny about the I Voted sticker!!

Needled Mom said...

Oh my....what a day!!!! Thank heavens you can share it with all of us out in Blogville.

I love it when I find my lost keys or extra money in a jacket that I haven't worn in a while. I'm not sure that the "I voted" pin would be quite as exciting. Just keep it for a few more months and you can recycle it. HA!

GranAnn said...

I ate lunch with Mother today in her room. The dining room was not open because of water damage from the storm. They are treating Mother's eye, with antibiotics and ointment. She likes me to eat lunch with her, but shee usually doesn't remember that I was there... She likes her new roommate, Lucille, who is 98 and clear as a bell, but can't hear good. I could not vote to end it yet

He Knows My Name said...

nancy i feel your pain. we put an alarm in our old house and then we also had a cat who jumped in our basement window where wires were strung to prevent anyone from coming in the window and set the thing off. we were asleep in bed. i might mention we don't have the cat any more :) thanks for the sunshine we have seen it now for 3 days straight. ~janel

Leigh said...

That is so funny! ALL OF IT! The voter sticker, the alam thing. The alarm thing happened one day to me and my son. The police came. LOL! NOT GOOD!
I can totally understand what you said about euthinathia. My husbands grandma has dementia/alzheimers...bless her soul. She really has no quality of life. You just wonderf why. She is also in much pain from numerous infections and her back. One day she said, "I am ready to go". I feel so badly for her. I understand. MY prayers are with you.

Amrita said...

Nancy i respect your feelings about your aunt.Its terrible to see people in pain and suffering. The only way God can heal them us to call them home.

The house incident was really funny.

Anonymous said...

The sticker was a hoot!

I sympathize with your feelings----I have a friend who is suffering from cancer and I have often wondered the same thing. Sometimes it's our human side prevailing over His word. Scripture says His grace is sufficient---even in the midst of suffering.

Tell me what security company that was----I'm not sue that I would us them. What if you really were a burglar? Burglars can sound nice, you know? :)

Tonja said...

What a day! Oh my! I think I would be so wired after that, I'd stay home for a week! :)

Funny about the sticker...guess they though you really wanted to get a message across!

Nice that you had a good visit with your Mom, too.

I understand how you feel about your aunt. It just hurts us so much when we see those we love hurting, doesn't it? That is one of those times I don't understand God's reasoning. But, I guess we don't have to, do we? All we have to remember is that He is God...and He is good!

Try to have a few peaceful days, OK?