Friday, February 1, 2008

Good Friday

Things just seemed to go well today. I had a lazy morning vacumning and dusting in anticipation of our son and his wife coming lazy I mean I stayed in my pajamas until 10:30 a.m. I had done mama's check writing and ours and it seemed to go better and I wasn't as stressed as usual when I'm doing bank stuff. When I finally did shower and dress, I hurried to mama's to pay the caregivers and then to the bank to make mama's deposit. When I left the bank, I realized I was not as uptight as usual. Good sign!!! Thank you God for that peace that passes all understanding.

Tonight we went to a 60th birthday dinner for a friend then home to greet the children and talk with them for a while. Everyone is toddling off to bed now so this is short. We're thankful that the kids arrived safely!

Tomorrow we do our 90th surprise birthday for Russell's uncle. The reason it has to be a surprise is that he wouldn't come if he knew about it! He's not quite a recluse, but close. He's a very special man and we all love him very much! He lived with Russell's grandmother until she died at 107....yes, you heard right 107 years old! She was playing dominoes until she was 100. As they say, my husband comes from good stock.

Well, you're probably all in bed....but if not goodnite! And good weekend!


leslie said...

Have a nice weekend, Nancy. Oh, I love the photo in the post below of the cats looking outside and the dog in its kennel. Probably trying to stay away from the cats! lol

Tonja said...

Enjoy the party! Sounds like fun. Hope you enjoy your visit with son and wife, too.