Sunday, August 10, 2008

Beach pictures.....

As promised, here they are, our beach pictures!

Our first lunch was at Papa Joe's, a little restaurant on the marina. It was good! Russell had the grouper basket and I had the shrimp basket, fried of course. I very seldom want seafood any other way!

SHHHH!!! Right over to the left of that picture is a dock where boats are moored. It was honestly deceiving because there is one dock and then it is a huge step down to the next dock...if Russell hadn't fallen first, I would have. When he fell, I was in total shock. He went down to the lower dock and rolled. In my mind's eye, I could see him rolling into the water between boat and dock, but thankfully he stayed on the lower dock.

At that point, I realized he wasn't hurt, so it became funny. Really, how do people get those "getting hurt" shots for Amer*ca's F*nniest H*me Vid*os??? Of course, he didn't think it was nearly as funny as I did. As a matter of fact, I began to seriously worry about his sense of humor! When I asked if he was hurt, he replied just his pride!

I love this second picture of the beach! We were walking down and I realized this was a picture that many paintings have copied! I do think I'll print this one to frame!

I'm trying to hide behind some sea oats! Now protected by law from being picked, back in the day any self respecting Floridian had a vase full of these beauties somewhere in their house!

From what we could see, they're coming back with a vengeance. But it is still a huge fine if you're caught picking them.....and of course Miss Rule Oriented would never dare!

I have more great pictures coming.


Dawn said...

How did I get so far behind?! Looks like a wonderful vacation - I especially love the white sand path. Beautiful.

ceekay said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me a comment. I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

nancygrayce said...

It's so easy to get behind! I'm glad you commented, I am beginning to get a tad paranoid. I wish everyone who reads my blog would comment just at least once! I'm such a whiner!

Kathy said... makes me miss the beach, my favorite place in the world! Great pics.

Keetha said...

Sea Grapes are protected too, aren't they? Last time we were down there I couldn't BELIEVE how many sea grapes there were - - - - lots and lots.

I know what you mean about wishing people would comment. There are a lot of lookers who NEVA comment.

Tonja said...

I remember my mom having sea oats in a vase when I was little. Beautiful pic! Also the one of the path to the beach...I'd frame that one, too.