Monday, August 11, 2008

What a surprise!

A good friend of mine who, sadly, doesn't live here anymore :(, and I used to drive over to Gulf and Franklin Counties to work with Juvenile Delinquents. (No, the irony is NOT lost on me.)

Each week that we were in Franklin County (Apalachicola), we would drive by a dilapidated old house hidden behind woodsy brush. Each and every time my friend saw it, she would say, I wish someone would restore that house! Her son restores houses and has restored a beautiful house in the historical district of Pensacola.

So! Imagine my surprise when we drove past and not only had it been restored, but the woodsy brush behind it is now a beautiful Viet Nam memorial park! I said to husband, we must go see that! Below are pictures from that visit.

First, the house! Sorry I don't have any before pictures!

This is a little frog pond in front of the house. That's a little old antique sitting on the bench. O.K. RUSSELL, IT'S A BIG ANTIQUE!

This is the memorial plaque in the park. If you click on the image it will get larger and you can read what it says.

This is a replica of the Three Soldier Statute that is part of the Viet Nam Memorial in Washington D.C.

I got many more pictures inside the house and of the park. There are a couple of really interesting things about the house that I will have to save for another day! I just realized that I have two posts today!

I'm so glad I noticed it. Aren't you, Linda???


Dawn said...

I'm glad someone heard your friend and restored the beautiful house!

So did you used to be a social worker?

leslie said...

Hi Nancy! Just got caught up on your posts and what a bunch of posts they are! Fantastic. Glad you had a good time away - and I absolutely LOVE that beach shot! You're right about people painting pictures like that or buying photos like that. Reminds me of Cape Cod. Happy B'day to your son - he's the same age as my older daughter! She's the one who's married with 2 children. I love touring heritage homes and the memorial site on the land is really something. They get me every time! Wonderful posts! :D

Keetha said...

Your friend was SOOOOO right - - - that house was definitely worth restoring!!!

Thanks for sharing the pictures.

nancygrayce said...

Yes, I worked with the University of West Florida in a program called JASP.....Juvenile Alternative Services Program....a program for first time youthful offenders. Although, I saw some of them two and three times.