Monday, August 18, 2008

Hurricane Magnets

It seems like my grandchildren are hurricane magnets! They were here when Hurricane Dennis came through and were excited even though we had no damage except lots of debris! In this picture, they're standing in front of the television so we could get a picture with them watching what to do in the event of hurricane weather. This was in 2005. They are much more grown up now!
Now they think Hurricanes are no big deal! Of course they ARE from earthquake country!
Today they are on their way and so is Tropical Storm Faye! Faye really isn't forecast to come near us! Thankfully!
I'm hoping for good swimming weather, because these two love to swim!
Right now they are about 40 minutes from Bush Airport in Houston.

I'm leaving in a few minutes to pick up their great grandmother and uncle and we're off to Pensacola to get them, have a bit of supper with their great aunt Cathy and head for home! Hopefully, we'll all be ready for bed!
Tropical Storm Faye IS keep Matt from returning to college. He was driving back tomorrow morning, but the storm seems to be going inland and he could run into some heavy weather. So he'll have to endure at home for a day or two more! :)


annie's eyes said...

You all in Florida must be so tired of all the storms. It is a very rainy day here in HOuston and for the next few days. Greg made it back to Daytona yesterday and filled up with gas, and got some water. I guess he's as ready as you can be for another storm. He is wondering about getting some sandbags though. You all are in my prayers. Stay safe and dry. Love, Annette

Keetha said...

What, no school yet for your grandkids? I just started my second week!!!!

Dawn said...

I hope Faye stays away!

I think I must be the only person in the world who isn't watching the Games. I don't know why - I usually do. Especially the winter ones, though.

Needled Mom said...

Again...catching up on all of your wonderful posts. I think you need to send those hurricane magnets packing!!!! We lived in Pensacola for Camille in 1969 and I NEVER want to be in another one of those. Hope that Fay will be kind to you guys. I had heard that the entire state would feel some of the effects of it.

Glad the computer is up and running again.

leslie said...

I hope you have a grand time with those children! And that the hurricane subsides so that you can go swimming with no worries.

You should come over and see what my little Noah's been up to. Scroll down.

Tonja said...

Have a fun visit with those grandkids! I hope the bad weather stays away so you can have lots of things together!

Keetha said...

On my way home from my dad's house after school today I heard on NPR that "Faye" is in a holding pattern right over Immokalee and has dumped more than 7 inches of rain there.

nancygrayce said...

Faye was going way east of us, but is trying to do a u turn and come back this way!

Keetha said...

Well, with hubby being from Fort Myers, Immokalee is right next door!