Friday, August 22, 2008

Fay, Fay, Go AWAY!

We are having the first winds and rain from Tropical Storm Fay tonight. It was a windy and overcast day, but not so stormy and little rain.

I took my dogs outside a little while ago and there were the first signs that we were having a storm.....little oak branches all on the deck and in the pool....the oaks are so beautiful and provide such shade, but they are a fierce enemy in the storms. We have two big oaks, one on either side of our house. Right about now we're thinking we should have trimmed them, we should have trimmed them!

Our children in Ocala and Jacksonville have weathered their part of the storm and as of this afternoon, Matt in Jacksonville still didn't have power. That is one of the bad parts of a storm is no power! Of course, we have always been blessed and not had a lot of damage, for which we give thanks!

My brother and sister in Pensacola haven't been so fortunate! They have lived through a few real hurricanes.

We are apparently making history though, as the weather people here are saying we've never had a storm come in from the east. Usually our storms, hurricanes or tropical storms come up the Gulf of Mexico or directly west into the other coast of here we are, making history.

The grands are with their great grandma and their grandpa for a few days, but they're safe and sound. They can now officially say they bring the storms with them! They went through Hurricane Dennis and now Tropical Storm Fay.

We'll go to bed and see what the morning holds!


Keetha said...

My M-I-L in Madison, FL called earlier today to tell me they are having flooding - - - 21 inches of rain so far.

nancygrayce said...

They are! My friend lives in Perry which is right by Madison (small world huh?) and she says that Fay is just stuck on top of them. My sister lives in Tallahassee and she says much more rain and it will come in their house! It hasn't been bad here so I'm hoping it moves off of those people and just fades away.