Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Grandchildren fun

Every year, there are a few pictures that I take in the same pose. This is one although, they are getting almost too big for my bed! :)

These two are very close. They watch out for one another and see how happy they are. They're always like that. They are just really happy, sweet kids! Take a look at those beautiful smiles!

Then there's Adam doing a cannonball into the pool! Our time together is winding down and we are making the most of each moment.

From the time they were really little, I knew I wanted to make memories with my grandchildren that they would remember long after they were grown.

That's what we did today!


Dawn said...

They are indeed beautiful kids - I am so glad they have risen above their situation - their mom must be great. I think you should post all of the matching poses from over the years!

To answer your question, yes, I know Wonderful Words of Life and have always loved that song as wel.

I'm really getting behind!

leslie said...

What precious photos!