Sunday, August 24, 2008

Polishing silver

Thanks to Katie my silver is now polished! She borrowed it for a bridal shower and it was in bad need of a good polishing! I should have done it for her, but I really hate polishing silver. So badly, that once they had the cutest little real silver tea sets for little girls and I was considering getting a set for my granddaughter when suddenly I thought, I WANT her to start having to polish silver at this age? What kind of grandmother does that? So no silver tea sets.

Tonight we formally installed our new pastor. It was a wonderful service and we just welcome him and his wonderful family into our lives.


leslie said...

How nice to welcome a new pastor! And thanks for the lovely comments on my blog about our church closing down. I found out my pastor is candidating at a church about a 20-minute drive from here. So...I think I'll go there and see how I like it - have a few friends that go there already, so it should be good.

Sharon said...

I am new to your-sight and glad I fell upon it. It is so Nice to welcome in a new pastor or anyone new that comes into church.
Looking forwar to reading more of your posts.
Have a Blessed Day

Needled Mom said...

How nice to have the silver all polished. I try to get mine done over the summer so I do not have to stress about getting it done for the holiday dinners. I actually enjoy doing it as I love the difference it makes. Am I crazy?

I was glad to see that Fay did finally depart from your area. She surely lingered long enough.

Root canal????? Yikes! I am so sorry to hear that. They are bad enough without the dental anxiety that you experience.

nancygrayce said...

Oh, Mary, yes, if you love to polish silver you must be crazy. Or maybe I'm just lazy! :)