Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Boys!

I want to start this birthday blog giving thanks to my mother in law for giving birth to my husband. For raising him to be the man he is today. She did a really good job!

Happy Birthday honey! We had birthday breakfast at Cr*cker B*arrel with Tommy, Claudia and Matt, then hit the road for home! We had a nice time with the kids this weekend and I'm glad we were there to celebrate Russell's birthday together!

Thanks to Tommy and Claudia for being our weekend hosts!

Matt and Tommy got to visit too!

Today is also the 38th birthday of my first born child! Happy Birthday!!! I hope this coming year is very happy. I remember the day Paul was born...actually the wee hours of the morning. One day I'll do a post on his childhood with pictures! Of course, I have lots of scanning to do before that can happen!
So, until then, here's the birthday boy on my recent trip to California. He's standing with his new wife, Jessi and his children.

Happy Birthday son!


Tonja said...

So many birthdays! Hope they all have a wonderful year!

Are you all getting ready for the fallout from Gustov? I don't like it one little bit! I think this will probably delay the building of my swimming pool. Wow, that sure sounded selfish, didn't it? Shame on me. With all these people being is so terrible. So wonderful that they had it all under control this time.

nancygrayce said...

All we've done is put our pool furniture up close to the they can fly through the glass husband is always so nonchalant about bad weather...not me...the barometer drops and I get crazy! I hope it doesn't spoil your pool! I'm kind of worried about Hannah sisters and I are going to disney world next saturday...speaking of selfish! I'm ashamed!

4under3 said...

That was thank your MIL. I found you over at Mck Mama's. She's an IRL friend. I had to come check you out. I hope nothing exciting happens with the weather down there.


Keetha said...

Birthdays are fun - - - especially when you start to get old enough to forget how old you are!!! Hehehehehehe

Needled Mom said...

Happy birthday to both of the "guys." What fun to celebrate two at a time!

Praying for safety for all those in the line for those hurricanes.

Keetha said...

I'm glad to see your comment about how you're doing through Gustov - - - I've been thinking about you this morning as we (dad, Pam and I) watched the weather channel here in the hotel.

It's sunny and 75 already here in mid-Wisconsin at 9:30 AM

leslie said...

Happy Birthday to your two "boys."

Looks like you've escaped Gustov and I'm so happy for everyone!

Charity said...

I really like that you thanked your MIL, paying credit where credit is due! Hmmm, I should really do the that I am a mom, I really appreciate what it takes to raise a boy into a respectable adult.

nancygrayce said...

I usually send my MIL flowers, but we were out of town this year and I didn't think to arrange it ahead of time. She did a particularly good job with my husband! He is such a good husband!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I liked your comment at "mycharmingkids." Yes! Many could have had babies in teen years but as you see, the left is trying to spin this as evidence that the abstinence message doesn't have merit, etc. I am with you...Sarah is LIVING the pro-life message, now from two vantage points: Down Syndrome baby and unexpected grandbaby. (Been there...MY CHILDREN have chosen life, too!!)

The plot of "Desperate Housewives" is being borrowed by the left leaning bloggers, that Sarah faked her own pregnancy in order to cover up for her daughter's!! Kinda hard to explain why there will soon be two babies in the family.

I live in the Seattle area, which has very sadly become one of the epicenters of the "Left Coast." The news is running in the background and showed Cindy McCain and Laura Bush appealing for help for the Gulf States. The commentator said "The Republicans have lost a day in which to attack Barack Obama but things should get back to normal tomorrow." WHAT?? Now, in spite of focusing on all the wonders of the hurricane preparations that are in place this year, we will get to hear about what went wrong last time (Katrina).

Yes, in the Northwest, we get a bit of steady drizzle certain months of the year but actually have a drought every summer. I am so happy that the storms down your way are not as severe as feared! (The news is calling you "lucky." Do you think perhaps hundreds of thousands have been praying??)

I would really hate to be hurricane watching as part of the seasonal routine but then again, my roots are Swedish and my grandkids are 5th generation Seattle natives which has become a rarity since we have been "discovered." FORGET "Gray's Anatomy" depictions, etc. but WAY too many people have discovered the natural wonders of WA state. Yes, God sends a little rain on the just and the UNJUST here in the Pacific Northwest. He knows how to keep Puget Sound and the Pacific Ocean full, water the abundant trees, refill the innumerable lakes and rivers and put snow on our gorgeous volcanoes and mountain ranges. We have relatively few weather disasters.

I think you and I have a lot in common. I am 56, 3 adult kids (28, 30, 31). I did work in Juvenile Justice when earning a Social Work degree from the U of W. You mentioned Fairbanks AK~~I traveled to Alaska, summer of '68 when I was 16. My escort was my 14 yo cousin Eric.

We took backpacks, flew to Ketchican and then began taking the Alaska Ferries up the Inside Passage, stopping in each place to set up our tent. We had an extended camping trip when we took the narrow guage railroad out of Skagway and got off at a train stop at Lake Bennett in the wilderness. We went by bus from Haines to Fairbanks, train through Mt. McKinley (now Denali) and finally to Anchorage. We sometimes stayed with friends and family members along the way but CAN YOU IMAGINE?? I hadn't quite met Him personally, but Jesus kindly sent an advance guard of angels to travel with us. The local P.O. in Petersburg took us into the pokey out of the goodness of his heart, fearing that we were runaways. (Do runaways take guided boat tours of icebergs? That boat trip is where he met us.) He took us into the tiny jail and made a call to my mom from his office. I typed up a letter at his direction verifying that we had permission to travel in the State of Alaska!

If you want to learn more about Sarah Palin, check out a book "SARAH." This autobiography was written and printed a mile from here where I raised my kids, Kenmore, WA, Epicenter Press! The president of the tiny company took a chance that people in Alaska would read her story and have sold 7,000 books. This week, orders for 45 thousand books have poured in!

Well, I am going on and on. Hope you don't mind! Thank you for your faithfulness. I love the title of your blog! I had to look up the verse and marvel at your choice.

May God keep blessing you and yours! It's too wonderful for me!

Love in His name, Michal
Lake Forest Park, WA (no blog)

(Sorry if this arrives as "anonymous." I enter and re-enter my info but the system can't remember my password.)

Dawn said...

Happy birthday to hubby and son! I hope this is a great year for everyone.

Shauna said...

Thanks for commenting on my sister's blog! It means a lot! Have a blessed Tuesday!