Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Here at last!

My son David was gracious enough to drive two old women to Pensacola to pick up the grands! This is David with his grandmother.....I think he's trying to hold her back from the No Entry area!

The poor man was nagged all the way there and home by not just one woman but two. Here is a tiny bit of the way the conversation in the car flowed.....

Grandma.....David, David, you're going way too fast.

David......I know what the speed limit is grandma.

me.....David! Are you going to drive up into that person's trunk???

David......Mama, please, I know how to drive.

Grandma.....David, do you see what that speedometer says!? You just must slow down!

David....Oh, why, did I come???

Me......Just try to appease us son...It is only 4 hours total in the car.


But we got there in one piece, although we went through several really bad thunderstorms!

We waited a long time at the airport. Their flight was delayed over an hour and we got there early.

They finally arrived and as unaccompanied minors were the last off the plane. But what a sight for sore eyes!!! The attendant sweetly took our picture.

Here they are coming into our arms! The poor guard on the left had to threaten us about what would happen if we came into the no entry zone. Just kidding....click on the picture to see how laid back he was.

We got in late and went to bed even later. Today we have been busy in the pool, visiting and stocking up on all the bad snacks you get at Nana's house!

Oh, one last note.....since they are from the very green state of California, I have been getting lectures right and left on recycling. I'll try to do better! I promise! But no plastic bags?????


Leigh said...

LOL! I think you and I could use the same speech with each of our sons. I have now insisted that I cannot ride with mine. LOL>

have a great visit. I too am trying to stop the bags. Takes practise...

jennifer said...

I hope you all have a good time together during your visit. Those kiddos are simply gorgeous. And your son is a trooper!!


Keetha said...

How old is David?

This sounds like my 27 year old son too. Only I WILL NOT ride with him. Mine TRIES to terrify me while he's driving - - - - and it works!!!

Theresa said...

My sons won't drive with me in the car, I'm constantly telling them to slow down.

My stepkids are tired of me recycling everything....we even go to the transfer station (local dump) and deposit every piece of trash in the correct bin.

Have a great visit. Take lots of pics.

nancygrayce said...

Keetha, He's 31! He's actually a good driver, it's the two women with him that are scaredy cats!

Dancing Wallflower said...

Glad to meet you! I will definitely be back to visit your blog!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Great pics, but the conversation was even better!

Keetha said...

Ah - - - he's the age of my oldest daughter, Keri.

Oh my son Kelly may THINK he is a good driver - - - but he terrifies the REST of us. Even hubby won't ride with him again.

Now, this isn't because he doesn't know what he's doing - - - it's cause he is a reckless as a bat out of you know where and on PURPOSE too.