Sunday, August 3, 2008

Pull up or Swimmie!

Long, long ago in a completely different timewarp, my babies wore cloth diapers with rubber pants on top to keep the leaks to a minimum....there was no such thing as velcro. We used diaper pins which were big safety pins with colored heads. We ran the sharp end through our hair so they would go through the cloth easier. When they started to potty train, they wore really thick under pants and at night we put the rubber pants on over the really thick under pants. That's just the way it was. We never dreamed of disposable anything. You guys have it a lot easier!!!!!

Once a month, DH and I work in our church nursery during the Sunday School hour. We have the sweetest children and they ALL love Mr. Russell! They could care less about me. He is kind of like the Pied Piper.

There is a cute set of twin girls who are 2 and in pull ups for potty training. They aren't identical, but for the life of me, I can't tell them apart, so when they come in I say one of their names and the one that looks up I figure is that twin! I know, I'm brilliant! By the way, that has NOTHING to do with this story, just sort of FYI.

I asked today if they needed to go potty and both wanted to go, so off we went. They both accomplished their task with pride. L's pull up was wet and I looked in her bag and could only see diapers. She was NOT having that, she decided she would just stay put on the potty if she couldn't have a pull up.....oh, what was I to do? Mr. Russell solved the problem by taking a closer look in their diaper bag and coming up triumphantly with a pull up which I promptly helped L put on along with her bloomers and out into the nursery we went to continue playing.

Our shift was over and we proceeded along to "big" church. After the service was over and we were on our way out, the twins dad came up and said did you know you put a swimmie on L instead of a pull up, to which I replied "a swim what?"

Swimmies hold some things, but liquid isn't one of them.......during the church service L had to go again and her swimmie. It doesn't hold water. Oops!

We were informed we will be participating in a tutorial on the difference between pull ups and swimmies! Who KNEW!?


Keetha said...

OK - - - I'm with you, I started out with my babies using real diapers and the pins. So here's my question - - - what good is a diaper that holds no water???? Swimmie or no, that doesn't make sense to me. But what does this old gramma know?

emily said...

this is my favorite nursery story ever. i cannot wait to personally tease russell about it (shoot, i forgot to find him tonite!!) "went in her swimmie" is not quite accurate. it was more like "went everywhere BUT the swim diaper!" but hey it was just pee. and it was a tile floor. and it didn't get on me. so it was no big deal. but oh what a good story. :)

and isn't it also nice to know that those are the same swim diapers our kids wear when we come to swim in YOUR POOL?!?!?! :)

nancygrayce said...

Yes, Keetha and Emily, so much for the IF YOU DON'T PEE IN MY POOL, I WONT SWIM IN YOUR TOILET slogan! :)

It is just one more sign of being old! You know nothing about new style diapers....sometimes, I feel like I may be from a whole other century!

Keetha said...

We are from a whole 'nother century.

But cheer up - - - I often mention things that seem familiar and common to me at school and my students know NOTHING whatsoever about them. We each have our "day" - - - ours is just long gone. ;-)

Dawn said...

So my question is - why did they put a swimmie in the diaper bag for the church nursery? Their bad, not yours!

I had forgotten about swiping it through our hair to get it to go through the diaper - I thought I was th eonly one that did that! Something about greasy hair?? And I'll never forget the time I pinned Kristen's little tummy with the diaper - oh, my word! Talk about feeling like a terrible mommy!

Yes, they have it a lot easier - but what about those poor landfills??

nancygrayce said...

Oh, no Dawn, they just probably leave one or two of everything in the bag so that wherever they go, they'll have what they need! :)

Suzanne said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

I understand some of the diaper situation. I never actually had to use cloth diapers, but I do remember that the disposable diapers of 24 years ago were VERY different than the ones of today.

I found something interesting in your "about me" section. It says you've lived in Florida except for 5 1/2 months in Alaska. Well I've lived my whole life in Texas except for about 3 months in Kenai, Alaska. Makes for interesting conversation, huh?

leslie said...

Um...I'm still not sure what a "swimmie" is. And by the way, I'm in your generation of having used cloth diapers, huge coloured safety pins, and rubber panties. Do you remember when they brought in those liners for the diapers? Wow! Those were great! lol

Tonja said...

How funny! I knew 'swimmies' held #2...but I thought it also held #1. Bet the pool owners aren't too happy with that!

Good for you working in the nursery. More folks should take a turn...if it is like it is in our church!