Friday, August 8, 2008

Mini camping trip 2

Even though I can't put my pictures up until I get home, I have to blog about our trip or I'll forget! Honestly, I forget everything these days, unless it is something my husband says or does wrong! :) That's what he says anyway.

The weather hasn't been ideal here, but today it was a little, teeny bit cooler because it was very overcast. But people, there are a lot of people here in tents! Tents! No air! I just couldn't do it, too old and too hot anyway!

Since it wasn't that pretty on the beach, I said why didn't we do what we do best? Go eat lunch and shop! We did! It was great!

We had lunch at the grill, a restaurant that says it has been there for 100 years. I believe it because Apalachicola is a very old town.

I found out today that the man I am truly in love with lived in Apalachicola. Seriously, I love him, even though he is long gone. He invented the machine that makes ice! He also figured out a way to air condition a room by hanging a pot of ice from the ceiling and somehow hooking it into the chimney....o.k. we're getting into details now. All I care about it that he came up with air conditioning and ice.

On our way back, we stopped at the Island ice cream shop and I got ice cream called "tin roof" was vanilla ice cream with chocolate covered peanuts and fudge. It was great! My husband calls it rear end fertilizer! He's so cute.

We then went for a long bike ride. Really long. We rode by the Gulf and so when we could hear over our labored breathing, we heard the pounding of the waves on the favorite sound. The sound of the Gulf of Mexico will soothe a sore and aching heart and bring calmness to a tortured soul!

As I was listening to it today, I was thinking of the book of Job....Job was a man who was afflicted not for something he did, but because Satan was allowed to make him suffer. He never gave up his faith, but he did question God. God came to him in a whirlwind and asked if he (Job) knew who set the boundries for the sea and who told the waves how far they could go and no farther? Job 38:11

In other words, God set the shores that the waves crash on and He determined how far they could come and where they would stop.

Ever walked on the shore when the waves crash and come in and you run from the water and wondered why the waves stop where they do? God determined that. He asked a lot more of Job, but Job was quick to say, I didn't know what I was talking about, things too wonderful for me!

We often, in fact, most always, don't understand why the things that happen, happen. God has the only answer and when we stand in His presence, there will be no questions.

O.K. that's your sermon for the night! Husband is fixing supper (I made the salad) and we are almost ready to eat. Then, AHHHHHH, good sleep!

Seriously, pictures when we get home!!!


Katie and Beau said...

OK, so you're home...where are the pictures??? Glad y'all had fun and I know you're looking forward to next year's trip :-)

Tonja said...

I loved your 'sermon'. It is so neat to stop and think of all God did just to set this world in motion. Do you suppose He thought of everything before He started creating, or just made it up and added to it as He went along?'s a miracle!