Friday, January 4, 2008

And the tree is history....

Well, until next year of course. Superhero finally got the tree taken apart and put up for another year.....and even though it is an artificial tree, there were still a gazillion needles to vacuum. I rearranged and tried to organize everything so that next year, I can just get it done quickly! I'm just relieved it is finally down!

It sounds like a lot of us are in the battle starting out the new year. I haven't heard from my son since New Year's eve when he called to say he was at the urgent care with a hurt shoulder. I did talk to his wonderful children on New Year's day and as always, that was a joy for me!

O. K. today I went to do my mother's banking and my brother walked in and said "YOU'RE FAT!" He is currently frantically searching for his head. I know I've put on some weight this year and it is very distressing to me! So I got a magazine in the mail today and this was one of the articles listed on the front....Flatten Your Belly! New Science Targets AB Fat Specifically.....I'll be reading that as I eat some chocolate covered peanuts.....if it is any good, I'll give you all the secret!

O.K. Everyone have a wonderful, wonderful weekend.


Dawn said...

I wonder how he got hurt. Hope he's better. Glad you got to see the kiddoes.

Thanks for your care and prayers for the new little ones!

I am hoping that my new organization of the Christmas "stuff" will make it better next year as well.

Let me know if the chocolate covered peanut/magazine article combination works. I've gained so much weight - my sis and I are determined to help each other this time.

nancygrayce said...

Well, the new diet kind of seemed impossible to me when I went to the grocery store. I love 30 lbs about 5 years ago on Weight Watchers, so I'm just going back and with head held low weigh in. Then maybe I can get back on track. My sister's would help, but they don't need to lost weight! The dirty rats! :) I only got to talk to the grands by phone, but that was still wonderful! Just the sound of their voices perk me right up!

Tonja said...

Sorry about yor brother...but he deserved it! I, too, am carrying around more of me than I want to..and I AM going to lose it!
Back to the gym on Monday.

I get some of my graphics like that one today from a site that sells wall art. But, you have to be a buyer to get axcess to their site.