Thursday, January 3, 2008

Taking a break!

Wow, I can't believe it is already the 3rd of January! AND that I'm just now taking down my Christmas stuff.....I'm the girl who wants it all OUT the day after....but this year has just been too busy and I haven't had an entire day to get it done, and it takes every bit of that and maybe some know, to find the stuff that was out before Christmas???? I "put it all in a safe place" .....problem is, it is so safe that I don't know where it is! Oh, well. So I am taking a little break!

We had a nice New Year's day...lunch with Russell's parents and of course the Florida game...sad:( .

Then I took the 3 - 11 shift with mama. Although tiring, we did have a good time. I rented a movie without really reading the back well and the reason it was rated R (irresponsible!). Mama invited her good friend over and we sat down and started the movie...much to my horror! There was a LOT of sex, nudity and language. O.K. I said I was ashamed! I said, lets just turn this off and they both said, no, that's o.k., we're old enough to watch this. Cracked up! I don't think they could hear the bad language, because they kept saying, what did he say? To which I replied, I couldn't hear! MORTIFIED!

After supper, we came back and I cleaned (and threw away SHHH) up a lot of just junk mama had, thinking all the while, uh, I need to do this at my house. I filled up two photo albums with loose pictures and we talked a lot. We talked a bit about daddy. Mama said that she misses him so much sometimes, we all do....but that when she is sick she misses her mama! That never ends does it? Missing someone?

When I got home, I quietly snuck into bed, even my dogs didn't bark! 11 p.m. is way too late for them to be up!

O.K. well, back to the restoration project.


Dawn said...

Taking down and putting away is definitely not as fun as the other.

What a funny story about your mom, her friends, and the movie!

Tonja said...

Don't feel too bad...mine is still up...bare, but still up!