Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Thanks to you all who commented on my last post and I know that God hears our prayers and responds in his time! However....(you knew that was coming, right??)right after I posted that, I had a shock with my son that required me to remember to let God be God! I guess my faith is learning to stretch, and I'm learning to lean hard on God. It isn't something I think I can even talk about in a blog post.

But I will give some advice. A year or two ago, my son told me about a site called MySpace where we could communicate with each other. This was when he was working in Afghanistan. I created a profile and it was good for a while. There were friends there that I knew and could comment back and forth with. Then I started seeing disturbing things. Young people that I knew who had lots of questionable things on their sites. Revealing pictures and really bad language from unexpected people. I began telling mothers that it might be a good idea if they went to their child's site and checked things out. Ultimately, it led to me seeing things on my own child's site that I should have never seen and so I've deleted that site completely. The original concept was probably not bad. But like lots of things, it just goes further and further away from what it was intended. I know most of you keep a close check on your teens, just be warned that they may have a very clean and safe site, but they can see lots of sites that aren't clean! I think it is very dangerous.

Anyway, that was rambling if I've ever rambled! If it didn't make sense just chalk it up to a strained state of mind...I think I'll start back with the "light" posts tomorrow!


Mari said...

Hi Nancy Grace! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I agree with you on myspace. I had been there to check out some sites, but didn't like what I saw on some sites either. Thanks also for the motto.

leslie said...

Hi Nancy, I just saw your post from yesterday and had to comment. I've been waiting on God's timing for a new husband for over 15 years now and still believe that if He has someone in mind for me, I will be open to it. But if God wants me to be single for the rest of my life, I will accept that, too. I'm back and forth on it, though, because it's such hard work to develop and maintain a relationship once you're my age. In the meantime, I live my life as fully as possible, ever watchful.
Isn't it amazing when the pastor says something that just hits us at the right time!

Dawn said...

Satan loves to pull tricks like this on us, doesn't he?? Just when we think we have something figured out, something else hits. Never fails. Good thing God never fails either!

Needled Mom said...

Every parent should be aware of where the children are visiting while on the computer. It is downright frightening to hear these horror stories from parents and media. Too bad they don't have mandatory parenting classes to "inform" the parents about what is being seen on the internet. It has changed our lives so drastically but there is always someone who figures out a way to abuse the technology. Too bad. :(

Ashlee said...

That MySpace is a bad thing. I can't believe that parents actually allow their kids to access this site.

Thanks for your open and honest post!

Amrita said...

I agree with you Nancy.Some people i know have face book accounts and invited me to join but i have declined as I 've heard its not safe too.

We should be careful not to put unworthy things before our eyes. its too easy to slip away these days...oppurtunities abound.