Friday, January 18, 2008

This very special family.....

is mine! This is my son with his children, Ashley 15 and Adam 11. And then my daughter in law and Ashley and Adam and their little sister Angelina! These are the best gifts I have ever been given!

A while back, Ashley had an Italian student come and stay with her for a few weeks and now, really soon, Ashley is going to Italy to stay with that student's family! What an experience....this from a middle aged girl who has never been out of the country except to Mexico. I'm so excited for her....she's really such a good student and not your typical 15 year old! She's wise beyond her years, yet good as gold and a heart as big as all America.

Her brother is wonderful and is bound to grow up to work with reptiles! He loves lizards and all things reptilian! When he visits us, he loves to go out after dark and catch lizards.

Just like that one! He also loves to skateboard which he got from his daddy, and he tells me he's not a big fan of Mondays! School, you know!

My grands have really special personalities and I love them so much!! I tell them just like my grandmother told me....."I love you a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck!" They've always liked that. I want them to feel just like I felt with my grandmother and like their daddy felt with his grandmothers.....special. They are!

I pray daily for my children and grandchildren....that they would know Christ and follow his commandments. That no matter where they are, where they go, what they succeed in this life, that they will put Him first. I pray that my life in some small way shows them Jesus.

For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? Matthew 16:26

I want them to know Jesus.


Needled Mom said...

Thanks for stopping by my new blog. Like you, I love reading other postings. I would say that your grandchildren are the very luckiest of children to have you praying such a thoughtful prayer for them each day.

The trip to Italy will be such a wonderful experience. I know that she will enjoy it more than most 15 year olds with her maturity.

I loved your last post on the pierced ears!!! My father would not let us pierce ours while we lived at home, saying, "if God had wanted you to have holes in your ears, he would have given them to you." I finally pierced my own after I got married. Sad to say, I used a safety pin and an ice cube. DUMB!!! I do remember the potato but the ice was supposed to dull the pain.....although not enough. Did you get a photo of yourself with the ornaments?

nancygrayce said...

I'll bet there is a photo somewhere at mama's house! Thanks for visiting. My daddy said exactly that same thing!

Toknowhim said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog...feel free to come back any day and chat.. Blessings

Susanne said...

What a lovely family!

My kids are fascinated with lizards too and my oldest daughter has a pet salamander.

Dawn said...

Beautiful grandkids!

leslie said...

What a lovely family! No wonder you are so proud and faithful to pray for them.

Re your last post on ear piercings, I didn't get mine done until I was 30 because my hair was always long and you couldn't see my ears anyway. I just never bothered to get them done. Then, when I did, I was thrilled. I'm now an earring fanatic (see one of my posts earlier). When my older daughter wanted hers done, I made her wait until she was 12, but then the younger one wanted them, too, so I took her when she was 6. She was like you - one done and the pain was so bad she didn't want the other one done. I told her we weren't going home until it was done so she finally relented. But there were a lot of tears that day.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family indeed!
I'll be praying for them.

Stop by my blog a little later----I have a surprise for you! (working on the post now!)

He Knows My Name said...

nancy, what a beautiful tribute to the love that you have in your heart for your children and grandchildren. it overflows. that is the most wonderful verse we have to pray for our children. much love ~janel

nancygrayce said...

Thanks for all the sweet son is in the midst of a crisis, please pray! love to all!

Tonja said...

Catching up on my reading. What beautiful children! How blessed you are they to have you as a role model. I think nothing but sweet memories of my grannies, and I am sure yours will feel the same.

Praying for your son.