Monday, January 28, 2008

I missed the milestone!

I've been so busy trying to learn to do things like linking that I didn't even notice that I finally passed 1,000 profile views! WHOO HOO!!! I didn't ever think that many people would ever even see my blog. I have enjoyed sharing with you my joys and sorrows and hope I haven't bored you all too much.

Speaking of joy, today both my in laws had their checkups and are doing well. Russell's dad is doing exceptionally well considering that his right lung has a huge tumor and he's 81! He is on oxygen, but is still driving and going places. He's much slower of course...but he's 81! I got the distinct impression that the dr. was quite impressed! My mother in law is doing great...she's completely cured as far as they can tell. Prayer, even the doctor is agreeing that that is what has gotten them through.

Now, for the $60,000.00 question. Why does God seemingly answer some prayers and not others? This could be a touchy subject, but I'll just say that since Genesis 3 happened, we live in a fallen, groaning creation. Some things we just have to know are a mystery. Years ago I read this on the last blank page of my grandmother's Bible, "There is a reason for our sickness known only to God." This is confirmed in Deuteronomy 29:29. Also in Daniel 12:9 after Daniel asks God what the outcome of the things He had told Daniel were, God said "Go your way Daniel." Some things we just have to be content with not knowing.

Let's all VOTE tomorrow!!!


Anonymous said...

WhooHoo! You've got a great Blog!

Hey Nancy who you voting for? :)

nancygrayce said...

Is that a trick question??? :)

leslie said...

Your question about God answering or not answering prayers - good question, but long ago I decided that I would pray anyway but leave it to the Lord to say "Yes," "No", or "Wait." For some things I'm still waiting! For the ones he's answered with "yes," I just say "Thank you, Lord." For the "No's" I just have to move on. What else can we do? Good post, Nancy!

Needled Mom said...

So glad to hear the folks are doing well.

There are so many things that are known only to God. We pray for what we think we want/need and His plans may be so different from ours. We just need to remain open to other "plans."

Great blogging -- no wonder you reached the milestone.

Dawn said...

We had a great discussion on this very topic in our SS class last Sunday. It was brought up by our dear Jewish lady who loves our class and wouldn't miss it for anything but traveling and illness. My contribution was what Leslie said - God says yes, no, or wait. Others said He sees the big picture and knows what is best. And some said, thankfully he doesn't give us what we ask for sometimes. Very interesting discussion.