Monday, January 14, 2008

Has anybody seen my diet??

Last week, my husband decided we were going back to the gym! Today made 5 days, not counting the weekend, that I've been pulled out of my comfortable bed at an uncomfortable time of day.....meaning EARLY.....and gone under protest to the gym. You just have to know that until March of 2006, I was at the gym in a pretty tough step class 5 days a week. I was (technically am) a lifetime member of weightwatchers and was keeping myself up pretty good for a middle aged woman.

Right after these two got married, I just stopped. Not slowed down to 4 days a week or even 2 or 3. Just came to a sudden halt.

Now my body caught on to that pretty fast and said AH HA....I no longer have to work and move and sweat every she's just feeding me and so I think I'll thank her by expanding!

Slowly, the weight began to creep back on and now that I've admitted it to myself, I need to start at the beginning of the weight loss program! That is just pitiful. All that work wasted. Plus I'm older and it is bound to be harder. But I'll be working on it, oh, yea, you betcha....the husband will see to that!

This morning at the crack of dawn when I was trudging on the treadmill, trying to figure out how to work my ipod....and y'all know I don't pick up this new stuff easily, an old friend walked over to say hello and comment that I didn't look too happy....I looked up, which is dangerous when you're on the treadmill trying to work a mechanical device while walking 3.5 miles per hour....and said, sweetly I hope, I'm not really a morning person!

So now I'm exercising, if ONLY I can find my diet!


Tonja said...

I feel your pain, sister! I am just ashamed of myself. I have to start a completely new regimine. I got so stressed and busy before Christmas that I just stopped going to the gym. I get off work at noon, so I usually would go then, before I came home. But I haven't been since Nov, when Alex got so bad. I planned to start last week and then those kidney stones decided to bogie on HOPEFULY I can start this week!

Dawn said...

I, too, am a backslidden lifetime WW member! Who belongs to the gym, and hasn't been there much lately. And is at the highest weight EVER!

I've finally been to the gym 3 times this week, and I feel so much better. This past month has been so crazy that I really do have good excuses, but I MUST get back to a good routine.

nancygrayce said...

And we KNOW exercise makes us feel better mentally too! Sadly I didn't go this morning, but I'm coughing and didn't want to aggravate that by sweating! :)

LEstes65 said...

OH man I hear that! 2007 has been one giant stop sign in my life. I was just sitting here bemoaning how I stopped walking every day.

I am heading to Boston on a business trip tomorrow. While there, I will be forced to walk more. So that will be my jump start. Then, when I return, I have no excuse but to get off my duff and do it.

You have inspired me.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!