Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The superhero.....

I really don't say enough or give my husband enough credit for who he is and what a solid rock he is for me and many others! He's an accountant and fixing to go full steam ahead into his busy season, but he always makes time if I call to give me his advice or just listen to me vent. Well, after a few minutes of venting he does say "gotta go".....but he at least listens for a moment. The reason I need to talk a little about him is because I know that many, many second marriages are not happy or peaceful. I'm so thankful that God brought us together the way He did so we would have no doubt it was Him, and I'm grateful for God's timing in bringing us together when He did; I needed stability badly. Now, don't think I mean it is all paradise and never a sharp word to be heard! No, no, no, that would be fantasy land! But he's always there and I can always count on him no matter what. He's patient (o.k. for the most part) when I'm off on a tangent and helps me come back to earth when I blast off like a rocket ship!

My friend from my previous post is the first one who labeled him's because he fixed something for her little daughter one time. Actually, I haven't found anything he can't fix if he works at it long enough. He is a man with many talents....he cooks!!! He solves most of my computer problems, although he doesn't help me with my blog and all of you know I need help!

Recently she was telling me that she told a friend about me and told her my husband was a superhero and a rock and I said, well, now not always....and before I got the words all the way out, she said stop, don't ruin it for me. So I said, well he has times when he doesn't talk to me like I want to, and she said well, he's a rock and rocks don't talk! O.K. you win, girl, he is my superhero and I'm glad I've got him.

I'm so thankful for him and I kind of just wanted to let the world know. He gets the Husband of the year award!


Dawn said...

It's wonderful to have a good husband!

I put up another picture that I forgot earlier, if you have a chance to come back over to see it.

leslie said...

I've been waiting on the Lord to bring me my next husband (#1 passed away 15 years ago) and it's been a long wait. Maybe I'm still not ready or maybe God thinks I need to be on my own. Regardless, I'm open and ready and waiting patiently. Lucky you!

Teri said...

Hello, and it is nice to meet you! Thank you for stopping by me blog and introducing yourself! My husband is an accountant too...although he isn't in Tax, he is in Finance. (We had experience with the "Busy Season" while he was an Auditor...the first two years of our marriage...we didn't like it!)
Anyway, you both sound wonderful! I will be back to visit for sure! Thank you for praying for Andy!