Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas in rounds....

We had a quick, but fun weekend with son Tommy and wife Claudia. They got in Friday nite and the men went hunting Saturday while DIL and I went shopping. We got a lot done! Later that nite, we had our Christmas with them. They will be with Claudia's parents and family for the actual Christmas time.

And congratulation to DIL's brother who graduates from college next week! We're proud of you Collis!

We had a meeting after church today, so we sent the kids to church and lunch with their grandparents....good thing, we're forming a pulpit search committee for our church and we with another couple got the job of counting ballots! We were there until 2 p.m. The kids had to leave before we got home. I got home ate a bite and crashed! I slept until just before time to go back to church! Our youth choir was singing tonight and they were just wonderful and so worshipful!

I called and talked to my grandson tonight....his sister was working at her dad's on a school project. It is always a joy to talk to them!

So now, husband is already sound asleep and I'm not far behind! Tomorrow starts another busy week! I hope it is good for all!

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