Saturday, December 15, 2007

Rain Day

We rode bikes for a bit this was overcast. We got ready, started out to eat lunch and the bottom dropped out! Storming! But, hey, you have to eat right? So we went to the Laredo Cantina and had wonderful fajitas. Then I had to do just one more store and we came home to nap in the storm. I mean we really need the rain and we're getting it. It was so great, this morning we rode our bikes down near the beach and the water was a light emerald green, beautiful. Sometimes when it is overcast the water will be a dull tea color, but today it was so flags flying of course, which means there was a bad undertow.

We went in a lot of stores this weekend and tried to avoid the Happy Holiday stores! Have you all seen the "ugly list"? Stores which don't allow their employees to say Merry Christmas or display Christmas in any way? I was in Coldwater Creek today and was telling the clerk about it and she said "well all I have to say is Merry, Merry, merry Christmas!" That brought a big smile!


Nancy said...

I love the clothes from coldwater creek! You are giving me a glimpse of life after kids. That will be a long time coming as I'm expecting #7 in April, ha!

Sorry it rained on you this morning! It was cloudy here all day in Gville, but it didn't rain. Blessings!111

nancygrayce said...

I have 5 sisters and brothers, so I love the big family!!! We are all close even in our advanced age! I'm 55 and have a 37 year old son, a 30 year old son, a 25 year old step-son and a 21 year old step-son (I have raised them and I hate the word step!) 3 grands! But at 55, yes, there is life after children. If you go to coldwater creek online and shop their outlet, you can get really good bargains! :) Thanks for visiting my blog. It's all here, the good, the bad and the ugly....and the beautiful.

Given Grace said...

Im trying not to feel the jealousy, but I am. We love biking and I so miss it. So reading your post brought back such memories of days past. Yesterday we had eight MORE inches of it may be awhile again before we're out there. So please enjoy for us!

I also like Coldwater Creek, Im happy to hear that they were not on the naughty list!
Merry Christmas,

Tonja said...

One of my fav stores. Love their jackets. Sorry your ride got rained out, though. Nice thing about the sport of can do it even in the rain!

Ang baylis said...

I wish I could go biking today instead of cross-country skiing here in Michigan!
Merry, Merry Christmas to you!
Angie xoxo