Sunday, December 23, 2007

No, this is not just a picture to show everyone how "thick" my waist has gotten. Due to me having the crud, I missed the two other parties we were going to.....including my husband's office dinner which is one I love! But, by last nite I was feeling so much better and so I dressed up and we went to a friend's open house party. It was really fun and we saw so many people that we only see at these kinds of functions.

No, it wasn't until I downloaded this picture that I said to the husband "Dear, we have to go on a serious diet, but I just don't think we can do it until after Christmas!" He just nodded!

I hope all of my dear blog friends are having a wonderful time leading up to Christmas! Our church service today just lifted me up so.....but all of you who are praying for my son, please don't stop! This is the worst crisis he's had for a long time. I truly, truly appreciate your prayers. I know I won't meet some of you until we meet in heaven, but I will know you immediately! I just know I will!


Given Grace said...

So glad that your feeling better and that you made it to a Christmas both looked great!!!

Praying for you and your family. Be comforted to know that Our Lord comes to save the lost, and the wounded, He hears all your prayers!

Tonja said...

Well, I think you look just fine! Wonderful post! Please be assured of my continued prayers for your son. Merry Christmas!