Thursday, December 13, 2007

Truly only Because He Lives....

I am looking down and only seeing one set of footprints because God is carrying me through this crazy time!

I was just listening to the song on Angie's site "Because He Lives"....and thinking how appropriate! Without Him I wouldn't want to face another day!

We are trying to get loaded up for one last motorhome trip to Destin before tax season starts, and it has been "one of those weeks". I don't want this to be a place where I'm constantly being oh, so low, and I really do have a good sense of humor, but sometimes I'm laughing to keep from crying. I never cry.....I thought I was through with that part of my life, because I used to cry if I saw a possum dead in the road. But for some reason for the last year, i just don't cry much, not that I'm complaining,because crying just gives me such a headache. But yesterday, before I left home to go to a little volunteer thing I do on Wednesdays, one son dropped in 15 minutes before I was to leave. He got unreasonably upset with me because "I never want to visit with him". He stopped by because he was on his way to the doctor. ??? I tried to nicely say, maybe if you would call a day or so in advance so I'd have some idea you were thinking about dropping in, I would make time. By the time he left, I was crying!

After I got finished at the volunteer job, I returned a call to my older son in California....mistake. He was in, well, let's just say a would be inappropriate here to go through our conversation and besides you would then recommend that I go directly to the psychiatric ward and admit myself. I'll say he was having some anger issues and of course I'm the cause of world hunger so there you go!

I then took my mama to the doctor and that is something I'm happy to be able to is just an all day sucker! :) Gratefully, she was doing o.k. By the time I got home, it was 4:30 and church starts at 5:30.....I was sorely tempted to call the husband and say, you know, I'm just going to bed, then I thought if ever I needed to be in the house of God with believers, tonight's the nite! I'm glad I went. I always am.

Came home to send Christmas, wedding and birthday cards and was up late doing that and now I'm packing....well, sort of....

Did I say I didn't want this to be a downer??? O.K. changed my mind. Thanks to all of you who have become such friends. My sons stand in the need of prayer! If it comes to mind, we covet all prayers!


Tonja said...

I'm so sorry. Sometimes, when our children grow up and begin to have 'lives' of their own, tend to forget that WE have lives of our own, too. They seem to think that all we exist for is to be available to them. Hopefully, they will eventually get it. Sorry about your phone conversation, too. It seems as if somedays we are to blame for everything!

So, you go on to Destin and forget about it all. Either these boys will get with the program...or they won't. But, you must live the life you choose now. Have fun!

Theresa said...

I will remember to keep your sons in prayer tonight. Sorry you are having such a hard time.

Thank you for your kind words.

Ang baylis said...

Because He lives, we can face tomorrow... I'm so glad that song blessed you as much as it did me! I'm saying a prayer for you right now. And I'll also pray for your sons. I'm glad you had a good cry! There is nothing quite like it!

Much love to you tonight!
Because He lives, all fear is gone!
Angie xoxo