Friday, December 28, 2007

The good, the bad and the scary!

SURPRISE!!!!! My good friend Carol, our good friend Mary Grace, Carol's son, Aaron, his brand new fiance, Nicole, Russell and Matt and I all went to supper at our favorite little Mexican place. While we were there Aaron broke the news that he had asked Nicole to marry him and she said yes! There were tears and excitement all around! It was also Aaron's birthday so there was much celebrating! They plan a long engagement. So congratulations and many blessings on this happy time!

All six of us siblings at my brother's home on Christmas day! Mama, how did you put up with this crazy lot of kids?? From left youngest brother Steve, me, next to youngest Michael, big sister Cathy, little sister Debbie and the oldest Tommy. We are all very different, but all alike in our love for each other and for our family!

The three sisters with our mama and Debbie's mother in law. Taking pictures in such a big group is NOT easy!

Mary Grace came and spent a couple of days with us. We always have such fun with her and laugh like crazy! Or should that be crazy people??? She had to go home today....:( We miss her already!

Russell, his Uncle Hugh, me and Matt at Russell's mama's house on Christmas Eve, right before leaving to go to our church's candlelight service.

The two princes......on Christmas morning Russell cooked breakfast and we all had Christmas poppers and they all came with crowns. We thought it would be fun to have our pictures in our royal attire!

The princess and the queen mother!

The queen and her king!

That was the good! Last nite, Carol, Mary Grace and I were watching an old movie and just relaxing when I got a call from Paul saying he was at the courthouse for his court appearance saying he might go to jail and didn't want to be on bad terms with me if he did go. I told him I was so sorry and would be praying. I was thankful that he sounded like he really meant it......I went immediately into my bedroom then into my bathroom knelt and prayed for, I don't usually pray in the bathroom floor, but I was upset and had company and it made sense at the moment.

Later, he called back and said he wasn't going to jail, but has another court appearance next month...all this is a big mess that started because of anger, alcohol and drugs and a girlfriend. I guess all those don't go together. When he called the second time he was in a drugstore purchasing blood pressure medication and his attitude had drastically changed for the worse! It wasn't long before I had to hang up due to the cursing!

I think I'll have to talk about the scary tomorrow because it is late and I'm so tired! It's good to read everybody's Christmas stories!

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