Sunday, December 2, 2007

Tis the season.....

There are two ways to come home from Pensacola. My husband prefers to go the interstate, but NOT ME. I'm Hwy 98 all the way.....yes, there is so much more traffic, but it's not dark and scary! Due to some problems during the day Saturday, we didn't start home until later than we planned. I don't see well in the dark. I was driving. Russell left early in the day so it was just Carol and me on the way home. Carol slept, I drove, I don't see well at nite...oh, I said that didn't I???

Everything was going just fine until we got to Navarre and they were having their Christmas parade crossing the highway! So there's Santa on the fire truck and there we were for about 20 minutes. I didn't get the spirit yesterday. But today in church singing Christmas hymns and remembering all the Christmas's past and the joy we have at this time, I suddenly felt that spirit light in my heart. So Merry Christmas all. And really, traffic isn't that bad, it gives you time to look at the pictures on your digital camera!

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