Sunday, December 16, 2007

Home again, home again.....

Poor Russell, he was ready to go home! He's a good sport about shopping and even likes to shop when he's in the "mood". But at this point in the day, we were both ready for supper and pj's!

But isn't this a beautiful Christmas tree! I have been wondering what all the huge ornaments were for this year....but they go nicely on this tree!

Saturday we got a lot of much needed rain! But it stormed so badly, I was a little frightened in the motor home. As it turned out one of our sons told us he heard there was a tornado around where we were! We could be in Kansas right now. But the rain let up before we had to load everything to go home. I woke up this morning with NO voice! I don't ever remember having laryngitis this bad! I can talk at a whisper only! That's hard for me, but for some strange reason my husband is smiling like the Cheshire cat! His office Christmas party is tomorrow nite, so I'm hoping to be better or I won't be able to go! They are going to a restaurant I haven't been to yet and I want to go! Was that a whine in my whisper??? :)


Diane said...

What a beautiful tree!

And what a perfect really should be reposted for Wordless speaks volumes! Ready to go home...indeed!


Tonja said...

We were under tornado warnings, too. Kinda scary.

Hope you feel better!