Friday, December 21, 2007

On a more reason for Christmas note!

For several years Russell and I have done the Angel Tree Project. This year I took a family, I must confess more out of guilt than love.

Yesterday was not a great day! I'm trying to shake this cough, upset about the son and then got rear ended at the bank! But it was the sweetest little woman, and she was so upset. She and her husband are missionaries in Honduras where he is now, so she is alone with her child. She had all her insurance forms and we got them together and got a police report. Then she walked over to me with a pen and handed it to me and said, "I have nothing else to give you for my sorrow (at hitting my car!) so please take this pen." I tried and tried to tell her she didn't need to give me anything, but she got more and more upset so finally I just said thank you and please don't worry about this. Later in the day I picked up the pen and saw that in small writing it said "we serve the Lord". I cried. I thought, that is Christmas.

So.....I went out and bought my Angel gifts and even spruced the basket up a little with candy canes and a small gift for the mother and did it with a grateful heart knowing that some have so little, and yet are so blessed by the love of Christ.

I delivered the gift to the mother's work place and she just hugged me and thanked me and said "Be blessed"......and I thought through trouble, trials and tribulations of all kinds, I am blessed. I am blessed that the one who created the world with his Word chose to love me!!!

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