Thursday, December 13, 2007

The last hurrah!

Here we are in Henderson Beach State Park in the motor home for one last few days of camping solitude before tax season starts....oh, yes, if you didn't know, my husband is a CPA. So beginning in January, we see less and less of him.....take him supper if we want to see him before bed. Oh, now that we are an empty nest, I guess it will just be me the dogs and the cats. At first the long nites are o.k. cause I get a lot done that I can't get done during the day. But after a few weeks of not seeing him until I'm in bed that gets old and lonely. And poor man, he is a wonder....I have a friend who calls him superhero....when he gets home after a long, long day, he's just as sweet as he always is. And cooks supper every Friday nite.
Yes, I am blessed!

The weather here is beautiful.....I'm so sorry for those of you who are in those terrible ice storms. I'm amazed that we are at the beach in short sleeves and some are unable to leave their homes because trees are across their driveways and they have no electricity. For all of you, we pray you'll soon be back to normal.

Even though we have the internet and t.v. (o.k. I guess you can't call this camping!), we relax more here. And if a child looking for a mama fight calls, well I just may not answer the phone.

Thanks to my sister Cathy who is spending tonight and tomorrow nite with mama. She will watch her carefully and see if she thinks mama would do o.k. with less than 24 hour sitters. Having sitters is so expensive! She loves her home and we just pray she can afford to stay there for life. Thanks Cathy, I know you're tired and need to rest yourself.

I guess I should go rest,for tomorrow we shop. We have to get our Christmas shopping done! I did get the grandchildren's off in the mail today. Their's are the gifts I really want to get to them on time. Each year, I try to give or tell them something about the gift of Jesus. I so pray that God draws them. They haven't been to church a lot. We take them when they're with us, but they need to be with a good group of Christian peers. o.k. I realize I'm rambling now! So goodnite to all.


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