Saturday, December 1, 2007

Weddings make me cry.....

This first picture is Carol and me with the girls before they started dressing.

All the children, Emily, Robin, Brian, Katie and Mary Grace. What a beautiful bunch of kids!

Brian and Robin Hatcher. Two married, two to go!

This was Katie's bridesmaid's BREAKFAST! From left to right, Carol, Cathy (my sister), Mary Grace, Emily, Katie and me. We had a good time and ate a big breakfast. Good thing because we didn't eat much at the reception and then just a bite when we got home. Oh, if you don't count the candy corn that I ate at my sister's house. She is so evil for keeping snack stuff around.

Mr. and Mrs. Beau Benoit dancing at their reception. They took dance lessons and they were great! I'm entering them for dancing with the stars!

Katie was the happiest I've ever seen her on her wedding day. She was calm (at least outwardly) and serene and so sure of this. It was so sweet to watch her that day.

At her reception, all the toasts were sweet, but when her sisters got up to give theirs we knew to get out our hankies! Mary Grace, the baby of the family, talked about Katie being the glue that held their family together and that if anybody deserved this happiness it was her. Then Tony, Katie's dad gave a charge and a blessing to them that was so perfect!

We danced and danced and then we went home to let the young people finish off the nite. It was a beautiful day, a precious, holy ceremony and a fun reception!

This is my toast to you both, May you always be as happy as you are today (on their wedding day).....

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