Friday, December 14, 2007

Shopping day.....

We did get a lot done today....that is after we slept in, sat around and drank coffee that was so good. One of the missionaries from Uganda sent us some coffee beans and we bought a little grinder and had that for breakfast and I wish I could call Rashid and tell him how much we enjoyed it! Russell is treasurer of the African Christian Training Institute and this was a little gift that was unexpected but so good!!! But I digress.......

When I finally got ready, we went to do some Christmas shopping here in San Destin. We got a lot done....but loving bargains as I do, the biggest bargain of the day was a pair of $60.00 pajamas for Russell's Uncle for $12.00!!!! You gotta love a bargain. Russell's uncle is 89 and very spry! A little eccentric too. The other day he was telling us that before he goes to sleep every nite (at 6 p.m.) he recites the Lord's prayer, all the counties in Florida (67), the states and capitals and equivalent of the same in Canada....all the countries in South America and their capitals and all of the blood relatives of Russell's mother, his first cousin. He then recites the first, middle and last names of all of us.....our children, etc. OCD????? All I have to say is the man is a genius and a sweetheart on top of that! He never married, was in the army and was at Pearl Harbor when it was attacked, retired and lived with Russell's grandmother until she died at age 107. They have some good genes in that family! He's really hard to buy presents for, but I think he'll like the pajamas. If I were blogging at home, I would put a picture up, but I can't access my pictures from here.

I also found a pretty first Christmas together ornament for my surrogate daughter that just married.

Before we left, I got my California presents in the mail. Early for me!

So, we have decided that tomorrow is just a rest day. We'll just do whatever we want to! That will be nice.

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